2 and 3-Step Processes
Cash Recovery System





A True System--Resulting in Lower Cost, More Collections, and Better Debtor Relations


The Cash Recovery System allows you to maintain control of your accounts receivable, reduce your administrative costs, and increase your cash flow, while dealing with your debtors ethically, diplomatically, and effectively.  Our third-party strength, carefully-crafted process, and credit bureau reporting allows us to have a collection rate that is over twice the national average, but at a fraction of the cost.


The Cash Recovery System



          ●  5 quality-printed letters, including an attorney letter


          ●  Highest technology in telephone predictive dialing with trained, professional collectors


               ●  Advanced technology skip tracing is included--no extra charge and continued effort throughout the process


               ●  Credit Reporting to all three credit bureaus


               ●  A guaranteed 400% return on your investment


               ●  Second phase consignment system put into place if desired


For a low, one-time fee, no one in the industry gives you more--more strength, more collections, more skip tracing, more telephone contact, or more guarantee on your investment.

Frugal, Friendly, and Fast