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We Work to Collect Your Money, But Maintain Your Relationship with the Patient

We know collecting from debtors is difficult, they are your patients!  Our Cash Recovery System will treat all of them in a fair, transparent manner, but firmly ensure that they settle their debt with you.  With the strength of a technologically-based system, you will collect more late accounts, faster, and with less cost no matter what the size of the account.

How do you collect more?

Different from old-fashioned contingency-fee based collection firms, the NCSPlus Cash Recovery System works ALL your late patient accounts, not just "cherry-picking" the choicest accounts.  Many collection agencies concentrate their efforts and technologies into how to "score" your accounts, selecting the ones to pursue.  At NCSPlus, we have technologically-advanced systems focused on pursuing all accounts fairly and effectively.  All accounts are worked by mail and phone, all are skip traced throughout the process to find lost patients, and, if you desire, all are credit reported to the three credit bureaus.  If the debtor still does not pay, you have the option to going to a more traditional consignment process.

I don't want to alienate my patients.

During the Cash Recovery System, the primary phase of our collection process, we focus on maintaining the relationship between you and your patients by referring all payments back to your office.  We use our third-party strength to have the debtor contact you, allowing a solution to be worked out between both parties and keeping the relationship intact.  This 3-step solution is much more effective than the outdated, traditional 2-step system (see more).





How much percentage do you take of my collections?

In the first phase of the collection process, we do not take any percentage.  The Cash Recovery System is fully implemented with just a low, fixed fee that is usually much less than 10% of what is collected.  In addition, we will guarantee your collections by at least 4 times the amount you paid in the fee.  If  the Cash recovery Process does not return you at least 400% Return On Investment (ROI), then we will collect for free until it does!  In addition, if the debtor still does not pay, at yours and our option, we will pursue the debt into litigation, if necessary, under a contingency agreement--you still have no additional cost incurred (see details of the Cash Recovery System).

Are you experienced at medical collections?


Absolutely!  We have been recovering medical receivables for over 25 years, have over 25,000 companies of all types we collect for, and are involved with over 500 prominent medical and professional associations.  In addition, we can handle all sizes of organizations, from a small doctor's office to large government institutions, and all types of practices from hospitals to dental offices.


We would be happy to give you much more information on our Cash Recovery System. 

Please call 419-953-5518 to find out more or schedule a free analysis