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Providing Government Agencies the Best in Collections!

Government collections has its own set of challenges, and NCSPlus is in the forefront with effective solutions!  Whether the collections are for courts, emergency services, utilities, or other community services, we will ensure that you are collecting the most, but in a manner that is fair and just.  We work all accounts--no "cherry picking".

Court Compliance


"A fine is not punishment unless it is collected" is a basis for the strength of our court systems and the Rule of Law.  We are proud to work with courts to fairly and rigorously enforce the collection of debt owed the courts.  Our Cash Recovery System is fair, with all accounts worked equally, and its transparency ensures that the best interests of the court are met with professionalism and integrity. 


Emergency Medical Services



Our emergency services are there when we need them, and when some don't pay their share, then either others have to pick up the cost or the services must be curtailed--both outcomes are wrong.  We work to make sure your late accounts are collected in a quick and effective manner, using strong tools that maximize the collection of all billings.  Our process follows an effective modern approach, rather than an outdated 2-step approach (see more).



Often a low-cost solution is needed to collect from, or even locate, debtors that take advantage of our utilities, hoping that they will never have to pay their debts--leaving challenges for our public budgets.  The NCSPlus Cash Recovery System aggressively traces all accounts, and gives a return that is significantly more than a traditional contingency approach.  

Other Agencies


Whether it is Code Enforcement, Traffic, or even Library fines, NCSPlus has the solution for your governmental collection needs.  We not only work every account, but we preserve the communication of the debtor and the agency by having the debtor contact you, allowing a resolution of the debt that is better for both the agency and the debtor. 


See more on modern vs. traditional collection processes

See the Cash Recovery System (we are transparent--we want you to know our process!)

We would be happy to give you much more information on our Cash Recovery System. 

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