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The NCSPlus Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Insight, Education, and Understanding

Welcome to the NCSPlus Cash Recovery Coffee Break!  We have designed the coffee break to keep you informed of changes in the collections industry, educate you on accounts receivable system nuances, and inform you on ways to improve your overall receivables—late or not.

The Cash Recovery Coffee Breaks are short 10-15 minute webinars that you can easily fit into your schedule, and watch as you have a cup of coffee or tea.  If you canÂ’t make the scheduled time for the live webinar, then we have recorded them for you to see at your convenience.

Signing up is easy, just click on the invitation below and your invitation will be sent to you.  If you want to view a previous coffee break, then click on the one that interests you.

We hope you enjoy this service to keep your NCSPlus Cash Recovery System running smoothly and effectively!


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Past Cash Recovery Coffee Breaks

Here are some past Cash Recovery Coffee Breaks that you might have missed or want to review.

Introduction to the Cash Recovery Coffee Break

Harve Platig takes a couple of minutes to explain how the Cash Recovery Coffee Break will help you as you improve your collection processes.

Click Here to see Video


14 December, 2011 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--What is AR Management, and Why Should I Care?

Listen to this topical 15-minute video to understand more on how important Account Receivables Management processes are to your success in today's business environment.

Click Here to see Video


18 January, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Get What You Measure

When you work with NCSPlus, you have real tools at your disposal.  In this Coffee Break we look at your Receivables Dashboard and how it helps you maximize your collections.

Click Here to see Video


15 February, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Collecting More Money

In less than fifteen minutes this video will show you how to collect more money, collect it faster, and collect it for less cost--an important lesson to increase your profitability.

Click Here to see Video


14 March, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Collecting More Money--Faster!

Regional Vice-President Harve Platig discusses the ramifications of faster collections, and how it affects your cash flow.

Click Here to see Video


11 April, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Collecting More Money Faster--FOR LESS COST

The best practices in receivables can also be the least costly in the long run.  Find out how in this brief 15-minute coffee break.

Click Here to see Video


23 May, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Restorative Recoveries

Want to see higher recoveries faster at lower cost without alienation of those who owe? Try what we call "Restorative Recoveries". Here's how:

Click Here to see Video


27 June, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Written Communications

Learn the ins and outs of well crafted and properly timed collection letters. From means and methods to content, and cost, this short webinar touches on each key area to consider. Then an example of putting it all together is provided.

Click Here to see Video


26 July, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Telephoning

In collections you need letters. And yet when phone calls are added, recoveries can triple. Learn the key considerations and get a look at some of today's best practices in telephone collections.

Click Here to see Video


8 August, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Skip Tracing

Today's technology can help in finding those who skip out on a bill. The key is to know how, and then to make it usable and affordable. Here's how.

Click Here to see Video


19 October, 2012 Cash Recovery Coffee Break--Credit Reporting

The credit reporting system can protect society from serial credit abuse. It can also help to get you paid. Learn the ins and outs of this powerful system.

Click Here to see Video


We would be happy to give you much more information on our Cash Recovery System. 

Please call 419-953-5518 to find out more or schedule a free analysis