2 and 3-Step Processes
Cash Recovery System




Why is NSPlus Different?  Because We Improve the Traditional 2-Step Process.


Most collection activities understood by organizations are based on an outdated 2-step process.  This leaves a serious effectiveness gap between the time the organization's first 4-5 month's billings end and when a consignment effort begins.  Also, since the consignment firm charges a high percentage and "scores" or "cherry picks" the accounts (only works the accounts they think they have the best chance of collecting from), the organization waits too long for the third party strength of a collection agency to step in and be effective. 


Traditional 2-Step Collection Process

(accounts are already late by 60-90 days)



          ●  In-house collection becomes ineffective after 4-5 months


          ●  Third-party collection is put off for months due to cost and lack of account fairness (cherry-picking)


               ●  Poor performance due to length of time, selectively working accounts, and lack of process transparency


NCSPlus offers a refreshing difference in the industry--an effective 3-step process using a transparent, technologically-advanced system.  Not only is the improved process more effective, but it is shorter overall, collecting more earlier.


Improved 3-Step Collection Process

(accounts are already late by 60-90 days)



          ●  Effectiveness of internal collection is maximized


          ●  Third-party collection is placed early, allowing maximum collection at low cost


               ●  Contingency collection is still available, but much less collection is required by contingency efforts


How can NCSPlus offer a superior process? By providing a transparent, effective system with a low-cost, up-front fee.  See more on the Cash Recovery System.

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